Imperfect Faith


People are not perfect. They’re just forgiven. We have all sinned. Most of us have hurt someone. Many of us have lied. There are those of us who have taken things that did not belong to us. Many of us have neglected our obligations. And, when our wrongdoing came to light, did we feel guilt, shame, or even fear? These are moments when we all need to understand that we are not alone. Imperfect Faith by Malcolm Allen explores what it means to have these failings, and extends a comforting hand to those who do. In this book, you will discover that you’re genuinely not alone. Everyone experiences these feelings. This list of sinners includes the people we often look up to and idolize. Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, and A-Rod are just a few of your fellow sinners. Each of them found a path to redemption. If they could do it, you can too. Following the lessons from Scripture, Malcolm refuses to cast the first stone. Instead, he offers insights to help you right the wrongs you’ve created through a process of personal redemption. Once you’ve found forgiveness, you can build stronger and better relationships with those you love. In this book, you will learn that, while sin is common to every human, forgiveness will bring forth a touch of the divine. This fascinating guide to personal healing and redemption provides just what is needed to begin charting your course to a better relationship with God, and a happier, healthier you. Order your copy today!