No Deposit, No Return


Are you depending on someone else to make you happy? Are unseen obstacles standing in the way of your dream? Get ready to position yourself for prosperity and set your sails for a brighter tomorrow. From bestselling author Malcolm Allen comes a refreshing motivational guide that gives you real-world, actionable methods to truly unleash life’s possibilities. In No Deposit, No Return, you’ll learn to establish the important goals needed to use your natural thought processes to change your life. Learn to develop—and prioritize—your internal motivation over your external motivation. In the course of this journey, you’ll understand the importance of patience, the impact of obstacles, and the opportunities from helping others. These slight detours will cheer your soul and warm your heart. The message is clear: To achieve your goals in ways you never imagined, you must never give up! Embrace the No Deposit, No Return philosophy—belief is the only currency you need.