Surviving the Inexplicable


Mental well-being is one of our greatest possessions, and yet we often neglect it. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatizing life event or are seeking the tools to maintain balance, bestselling author Malcolm Allen’s Surviving the Inexplicable provides the ultimate manual for health and wellness. Filled with facts on modern day mental struggles like anxiety, depression, personality disorders, paranoia and delusions—along with realistic, proven, and effective ways toward healing, this guide helps you across the wellness spectrum, from how to recognize an anxiety and how to end it, to how to remain hopeful during the most tempestuous situations. Featuring real-life experiences from those who have battled—and won—the fight against mental conditions. Their gripping and inspiring stories will reassure and motivate you to start your own journey to recovery. Malcolm Allen’s practical techniques help you fight for your happiness, awaken your purpose, and inspire you to relentlessly pursue your ambitions. Get ready to live your healthiest life!