Girls of C.O.L.O.R.


Meet the Amazing Women and Girls of C.O.L.O.R. Now is your time! Take pride in your heritage, open your mind to new ideas, and pursue your dreams. Your older sisters blazed the trail! Now it’s your turn to strive, to achieve, and to carry an ever-brighter torch for future generations. All women can thrive in an atmosphere of love and nurturing. Girls of C.O.L.O.R. by Malcolm Allen is your guide to the challenges and triumphs that await as you strike out on your own. Within these pages, you will find expressions of hope to inspire you as well as an outline of the opportunities that await you. The future is yours! You are a new generation that will do great things and achieve your highest goals. Today’s Girls of Color are beginning their incredible journey to become tomorrow’s Women of Color. You have the opportunity to create a beautiful life. Opportunity is knocking at your door. And this book will help you answer its call! Seek out other Girls and Women of Color. Align yourself with those who seek adventures, set high goals, and strive to be a part of shaping the 21st century. Get to know sisters who dare to do great things. Are you up to the challenge? If so, then this is a book for you. Take the first big step and order this book! Then, reach for the stars