Recidicon I


You’ve paid your debt to society. Here’s your second chance … Ben, James, and Nevin do not know each other. They have never met. But, all three of them have something in common. While each man is a decent guy at his core, each one made a huge mistake. And now, all three of them are just getting out of prison. Recidicon I by Malcolm Allen is the story of the journey these three men take as they attempt to return to normal life in society. They were coached about this new experience and know what to expect. All three have been warned about the reactions others may have to them. Despite the coaching and warnings, returning to the outside world still holds many unexpected challenges. As these three men begin their journey to real rehabilitation, they must learn how to find a place to live, a job, or maybe to start a business. Equally as important, they must learn to deal with the emotional hardships that plague ex-inmates every day. Their feelings of shame often amplify the guilt that others see in them. Through the pages in this moving book, you will travel this rocky road with them. You will experience the same daily problems these three young men must learn to handle. Often these are the same issues that you, and many others, have to face every day. Reading these pages, you will understand that every single day truly is a second chance.