Following the footprints of Steve Jobs to be successful

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple was an extremely successful entrepreneur. Despite not having an engineering or MBA degree, he was so successful. The reason was his impeccable marketing skills. Though he has passed away, the amount of success that he has achieved makes him a role model for plenty of people. All of these people want to follow the footprints of their role model, Steve Jobs to achieve success in life. Here are some of the life lessons that you can learn from Steve Jobs:

1. You must be optimistic and focus on the positive: Despite being an adopted child, Steve Jobs didnt hate his life or wallow in self-pity. He focused on the positive always by channelizing his energy into computer and technology. You must also have a positive approach towards life in order to be successful.

2. Obstacles are actually cloaked opportunities: Wozniak and Jobs didnt have adequate money when they were working on the first Apple computer. Instead of falling prey to the adversity, Woznaik sold his calculator and Job got his van sold. Steve Jobs always believed that when there is a will, there is a way. You should never feel paralyzed by obstacles.

3. Never be afraid to take risks: Steve Jobs took a huge risk by developing the iPhone when he was fully aware that it can make the iPod totally obsolete. This risk made Steve Jobs so successful. Thus, you should never be afraid to take risks. However, your risks should be calculated.

4. You must be around great people: Steve Wozniak was the partner of Steve Jobs. Jobs also worked with some great people like John Lasseter and Tim Cook. Surrounding himself with some great people had enabled Jobs to achieve enormous success.

5. Always remind yourself that you will be dead soon: Steve Jobs has said in one of his speeches that the important tool that has allowed him to make the best choices in life is reminding himself that he will die soon. So whenever you find yourself in a dilemma or feel scared, remember this formula. Life is short; you must make the most of it.

6. Always learn from others without feeling shy: Steve Jobs had worked for companies like Atari and HP before he turned 21. He observed the working system of these companies and learned from them. He further decided how differently he wanted to work with his own company. You can also achieve great success by learning from others patiently. You should never hesitate from asking for expert help.

These 6 life lessons that we can draw from the life of Steve Jobs can propel a person towards success.