Stacy Ike

A Passionate Storyteller With a Powerful Hosting Prowess.

Stacy Ike is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She has frequently redefined the perception of modern day media. She is acknowledged in acting, hosting and fashion.She causes a ripple of excitementand consistently finds ways to portray her best version.

Stacy graduated from the University of Missouri Journalism School. She began her blossoming career soon after graduating.

Stacy has made it big in the United States and Australia. She has conducted interviews with high profile celebrities like Oprah, Jamie Foxx, TomFord among others.

Stacy worked with Afterbuzz TV in 2014 and toured with Mountain Dew to host live shows. She also partnered with Smashbox Cosmetics for a talk series with other influencers. She has teamed up with Baller Alert, Regal Cinemas, Tribune Publishing and the Hollywood Reporter as a writer and on-camera talent.

Stacy is the co-founder of NAMOI Living ( NotAfraid of My Imperfections). She uses this platform to encourage and uplift dreamers, with an ambitious attitude as hers. Her principle as an entertainment professional is finding an opportunity to who one was created to be. Stacy believes that you can be yourself and inspire others to do the same.

She is currently the host of Oprah Winfreys Network first live show, OWN Tonight. It is a late-night show where cast members from the hit drama Greanleaf together with other celebrity fans team up to talk about Greanleaf and other pop culture topics.

Stacy pours out inspiration and straight talk on her YouTube channel. She likes to make people feel special and fabulous.

Stacy has a unique way of talking to people even if they are total strangers. She believes in using ones gifts to fulfill their purpose, which is much bigger than them. She does not advocate trashing people. She says that everyone is endowed with a purpose that only needs nurturing in order to thrive.

Stacy Ike is a content creator who describes her life as a reflection of who God is. She courageously hosts and reports peoples interests or entertainment stories using excellent descriptions.

She has gained vast experience through her days at University, internships and organizations. Stacy is open to get instructions or take risks. She is a big dreamer who has a perfect gift of communication.

Stacy has worked as a brand ambassador hosting various Target Shopping events for college students. She has helped in branding through social media and word of mouth.

Stacy has been a radio reporter, community advisor, freelance writer, red carpet reporter and host, social media manager and entertainment host. Recently, she became a show host for Afterbuzz TV, a new media platform.

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