Jade Kendle

A Learned Beauty Guru Who Inspires Others to Become Better

Jade Kendle is a beauty and media personality from Dallas, Texas. She was born in Weisbaden, Germany in 1991. Her parents were serving in the US Air Force overseas until she was 13 years old. They later moved to Texas where she continued with her education.

Jade got her bachelors degree in Development and Family Studies from the University of North Texas. She also got an M. Ed in Education Policy and Leadership Higher Education at Southern Methodist University. In the course of her collegiate experience,she was a member of Delta StigmaTheta Sorority. Jade was actively involved in campus through activities like LeaderShape, the Student Government Association, Progressive Black Student Organization among others. She held leadership positions in almost all of her organizations, holding the presidential position in two organizations.

Jade took her passion for campus involvement to a professional level where she joined the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program. She continued participating within NASPA during her graduate school experience at Southern Methodist University.

Jade has a passion for developing students and creating opportunities for them to become better. Through her experiences in school, Jade cultivated many skills that contribute to her leadership style and highly accomplished personality.

While in college, Jade began herproject, dubbed LipsticknCurls, on YouTube. She realized that she had the ability to connect with women and young girls, so she embarked on hosting events including her countrywide tour Curls Over Brunch. The goal of the tour was to convince women to embrace their natural hair.

Jades Curls Over Brunch tour sold out in seven cities, propelling her career and consequently attracting an audience of over 400 thousand.

Currently, her LipsticknCurlssocial media and web platforms have gained huge audiences on YouTube and Instagram. Jade Kendlehas worked with many haircare and makeup brands. She has been featured in Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine, Essence.com, TeenVogue.com and Buzzfeed.

Jade is famously known for her makeup and hair tutorials, genuine personality and honest beauty reviews. She promotes a unique viewpoint to the beauty industry with her educational background. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering others to embrace their beauty.

Jade Kendle is a beauty vlogger best known for her advice on appreciating and styling curly hair. She reviews hair and skin products, as well as makeup and clothes. Jade also works with top brands like Top Shop, Shea Moisture and Nordstrom.

Jade collaborates with web video star Raven Elyse, especially on their series Curls Over Brunch. In the series, they have a beauty sponsor and often invite fans to participate in real life.

Jade has her own website, JadeKendle.com, that enables her to connect with her audience in a better way. They can subscribe to stay up to date with upcoming trends. The popular posts on Jades site feature blogs about beauty essentials and skin care. Jade also endorses fantastic beauty products on her website.


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