Aja Brown

An Intelligent Community Planner and Politician

Aja Brown isthe current Mayor of Compton, California. During her election win, she defeated both the incumbent and former mayors. She has been instrumental in significant community advancement programs.

She graduated from University of Southern California in 2004 where she received a full scholarship with a bachelors degree in Policy, Planning and Development. Shelater earned a mastersdegree in the same field.

Aja Brown became the youngest mayor of Compton at the age of 31. She introduced her New Vision for Compton in 2012.

Brown has launched a 12-point strategy plan designed to develop the City of Compton. She has addressed existing problems on several platforms like youth development, infrastructure, working with educational coalitions and economic development.Brown states that she made her plan available to the residents to follow along with the advancement of the city.

Brown uses conflict de-escalation instead of harsh policies. She reached out to the gang leaders of Bloods and Crisps through former members to foster peace. From the time the gangs began regular meetings, violence decreased by 65 percent.

While studying in University, Brown worked for the City of Gardena in California as an Economic Development Analyst. She later worked for the City of Inglewood as an Urban Planner.

She also served as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Pasadena. Brown also joined Comptons Redevelopment Agency as a Project Manager making efforts to revitalize the thriving City of Compton.

Brown is acknowledged for creating community benefits legislation, initiating downtown revitalization action committees and economic development initiatives. She established and implemented Comptons Apprentice Programs designed to create jobs for local residentson projects funded by the city or assisted by capital improvement.

Sheco-founded the Urban Vision Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization focused on community economic and youth development.

She has advanced many re-branding programs that have been successful in many cities.

Aja Brown was awarded the Best 2012 CommunicatorDesign Award for her Yes campaign for the City of Compton.

She has been influential in marketing Comptons buyers program for first time home buyers. She has additionally created programs to attract expertise in transportation and land use.

She and her husband work in community outreach programs in their church.

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