Lessons that we can learn from Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman is the most successful female CEO in America. She was the former CEO of eBay and currently she is the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Under her vision and brilliant leadership, eBay prospered hugely. Currently, she is the head of the worlds best PC manufacturer, Hewlett Packard. Meg has great experience in leadership and we can learn some valuable lessons from her. Heres looking at some of the leadership lessons that we can learn from Meg Whitman.

1. Meg Whitman believed that a good leader must nurture innovation. eBay was incredibly successful because it adopted new innovative techniques always. She said that some people are very creative and innovative. A good leader must identify and nurture them. This can help a company to be hugely successful.

2. Meg Whitman believed that a good leader must be in touch with all his employees. A leader cannot sit in his or her cabin peacefully. New ideas are formed at every corner of the company and a good leader must be involved with every employee. A leader who is able to motivate the employees and works in cooperation with the employees achieves a lot of success.

3. Meg Whitman believed that instead of hiring average individuals, if a leader hires people with exceptional intelligence, then the company is very likely to prosper more. She always hired people who were ahead of the curve.

4. Meg Whitman believed that a leader must introduce a mission that can motivate the workers. When Meg was at eBay, she introduced a mission that they would create a different experience for the customers. She ensured that all the employees were passionate about this mission. This helped the company to achieve success and made all the employees dedicated to their mission.

5. Meg Whitman believed that focus should be the keyword of a leader. A good leader has a crystal clear vision and she knows how to focus on that vision. It is quite challenging to focus on one particular goal as there are always distractions on the way. When a leader puts all her heart and soul in achieving that goal, nothing can stop her from achieving success.

6. Meg Whitman believed that a leader should never compromise her principles and integrity. She always thought that a leader who never compromises on her virtues and principles will be more successful in the long-run. Apart from being successful, she will also have tranquility and harmony in her life.

These 6 leadership lessons that we get from Meg Whitman are simple and easy to understand. If we want to be a successful leader, we must follow her principles to achieve success.