Logan Browning

An Outspoken Actress Bold Enough to Stand up to Criticism

She is a lead character in Dear White People, a series that depicts the struggles African Americans face in breaking free from stereotypes and identities determined by race.

Logan has grappled with the issue professionally, the idea that a black actor can play a fully fleshed out, developed character rather than a token, ancillary part.

Her desire is to see equal roles for all actors, not based on their race, looks, height or anything else.Her voice has been powerful professionally and socially. She has always spoken out on issues of justice that anger her.

Being a leading cast of Dear White People, Logan has felt a greater sense of responsibility to represent those who feel marginalized. Her role has helped her become more conscious of whats going on.

Logan has spoken out about activism where everyone wants to have a say and be part of a change. She acknowledges how slippery the road can be even if you have good intentions.

Although the provocative title and teaser video of Dear White People set ablaze a backlash reaction from those terming the show racist against white people and calling for a boycott against Netflix, Logan was not put down by such opinions. She was aware that racism still exists. She defended her series, terming it as an art form which people should watch before becoming defensive.

Logan got drawn into acting at a young age. She attended a performing school and while at a convention in Los Angeles, she was spotted by an agent who suggested she should move to LA. At age fourteen she moved and her career kicked off.

Logans first task was a guest role on the WB show, Summerland. Other roles soon followed. She attended Vanderbilt University. She later landed leads in Tyler Perrys Meet the Browns and the VH1 show Hit the Floor.

Logan is has played Sasha in the film Bratz: The Movie in 2007. She depicted Vanessa in the Nickelodeon series Neds Declassified School Survival Guide.

She appeared in music videos like Dijon TatonsWildOut andPrima Js Rockstar.

She had a regular role on the Disney XD series Pair of Kings. Logan appeared in two episodes of the Secret Circle, a television series based on novels and by L. J. Smith.

Although she was not a professional dancer, Logan was cast in Hit the Floor due to her acting ability.

Her most notable role is that of Samantha White in the satirical drama series, Dear White People. As an advocate for change, she is not afraid to sound quirky or messy. She is courageous in her own skin.

Logans open-minded outlook and ability to make people think beyond their comfort zones is the reason Essence Magazine selected her for its Future 15, aninaugural list honoring millennial leaders today.

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