Following the footprints of Cher Wang to achieve success

Cher Wang is the chairwoman and co-founder of Taiwan Smartphone maker HTC. She is a very powerful woman in the field of wireless technology. The selfie phone HTC Desire Eye is currently running side-by-side with Samsung and Apple.

This has made the 56-year-old woman, Cher Wang extremely successful. We can learn some wonderful lessons from this wise woman who has plenty of wisdom from the several experiences of her life.

1. The first piece of wisdom that we get to learn from Cher Wang is that we must always turn our problems into opportunities. Cher Wang said that when we face a huge blow in the initial days of our career, it can either break us or make us. In her own life, Wang faced a huge setback when she gave $700,000 to one Spanish merchant which he did not repay. Instead of crying over it, Wang took it as a challenge. She chased the man for six months and also simultaneously managed her business. On one train ride, an idea popped in her mind about creating a working device which could be used while traveling. Later, she explained the concept to Bill Gates. This is how she translated her problems into opportunities.

2. The second piece of wisdom that we get from Wang is that we must be honest about the talent we possess. We must also be open to any form of change. She said that her passion was to be a pianist but she realized that she doesnt have enough talent for it. So, she reevaluated her strengths and focused on business.

3. The third piece of wisdom that we get from Wang is that in order to be successful, we must have a great financial sense. Only then we will be able to manage our finances well. It is integral to figure out the direction of our life and spend accordingly. A wise person allocates his income in such a way that it gives him future benefits.

4. The fourth piece of wisdom that we get from Wang is that we must recognize our ability as a consumer. An aspiring entrepreneur must be able to understand the high purchasing power of female customers. This is because women often make shopping decisions for other members of their family.

5. The fifth piece of wisdom that we get from Wang is that although it is important to seek perfection, it is also essential to stay grounded.

The 5 pieces of wisdom that we get from Cher Wang has made her a successful businesswoman. We must follow her footprints to achieve success in our lives.