Following the footprints of Mark Zuckerberg to achieve success

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is a hugely successful billionaire. He has given success a new definition by achieving success at such a young age. There are several lessons that we can learn from Mark Zuckerberg. Heres looking at some of the most enriching lessons that we can apply in our lives to be an achiever.

1. The first lesson that we get to learn from Mark Zuckerbergs mammoth success is that we should absolutely love what we are doing and do the work that we love. Mark Zuckerberg is found writing code on holidays. Although it is hard hitting to get success in the world of technology, Mark could achieve that because he loves his work passionately.

2. The second lesson that we get from Mark Zuckerberg is that in order to achieve success in life, it is very important to be focused. When we see the life of Mark Zuckerberg, we can easily notice that nothing could alter his focus on improving and managing Facebook. This is the reason behind the phenomenal success of Facebook. Success greets only those people who are focused and persevere.

3. The third lesson is that we must be flexible to new ideas and should always be willing to change. Andrew Bosworth, the engineer of Facebook had once said that Mark always looks at a product with fresh eyes. His flexible nature has allowed him to make several changes in Facebook when Facebook encountered problems because of its privacy policies.

4. The fourth lesson that we can learn from Zuckerbergs success is that the most difficult problems need innovative and creative solutions. Zuckerberg was trying very hard to get Facebook unblocked in China but couldnt manage to do it. Therefore, he learned Mandarin as it was essential to know the Chinese language and the Chinese culture in order to impress the Chinese. This act finally got Facebook unblocked in China.

5. The fifth lesson that we can learn from Zuckerbergs success is that simpler is easier and hence better. Though MySpace is a great social networking site, it is difficult to use. This is the reason why MySpace failed terribly. On the other hand, Facebook is simple and easy to use. It gets loaded quickly and has a simple design. This is the major reason behind the everlasting success of Facebook.

If you have the dream of having your own company, then you can definitely follow the footprints of Mark Zuckerberg to achieve success in life. The five lessons stated above are not too tough to follow but you must have the determination to emulate the young billionaire.